Cristina Burcica
Political Campaign in Cincinnati

for City Council


About Me

What sets an independent candidate apart?

"I am running for office as a first-time independent because, like my fellow Cincinnatians, I seek justice in politics, to pursue measurable and meaningful results with contracts negotiated through ethical means, and to implement programs that truly make a positive difference  to our community. "

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My top issues

"I will analyze quality versus performance for all programs approved at this time. WE need to effectively forecast the success of each program by using reliable data matrices, and to encourage consistent progress through  calculated changes. I do not plan to cut services, but to improve their results and outcomes. Government services must be expanded, not through new fees or raised taxes, but through innovative actions and better management of responsibilities in the city."

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My Values

"I believe and share the hope that we can ALL benefit  from the decision-making and that, throughout, WE the people in Cincinnati continue to be good and peaceful citizens and seen as such in front of the world.

As our Constitution states, this is about the PEOPLE first, and I will serve as a reminder to that testament, to what is healthy for the people of this city.  This is why I decided to devote myself to the government office."

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